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Hudson and Union Street Guest House are a great destination for a get together and we provide lodging for many every year - including lots and lots of friends and families for wedding parties to business groups, both large and small.

We are located 40 minutes from Albany International Airport, 2 hours by train from New York and 3 hours from Boston. Being so easily accessed, Hudson is a great city to host a small reunion, a big birthday or any size group in between. There are several great venues and caterers in and around Hudson you might not easily find. A few are listed below and all of them will help your event be a joyous affair

Apple Barn Farm – Restored Dutch barn with all its amenities is a fitting location for your wedding or other special event.

Bezalel Gables – elegent venue and wonderful catered food using the finest local produce from the Hudson Valley.

Hudson Wine Merchants – a second floor contemporary photo gallery hosts private parties. Winetastings for groups arranged.

Guests who are having or attending a wedding in the area and wish to stay at our Inn please note the following:

Whether you have booked the entire Inn or just 1 room because you are attending a wedding in the area the following rules apply:

TWO NIGHT MINIMUM FOR ANYONE ATTENDING A WEDDING ANYWHERE IN THE AREA. NO EARLY CHECK-INS. We are very sorry but cannot offer early check-ins as we need time to clean rooms, and we know guests need time to get ready so this is one reason why there is a 2 night minimum for all wedding guests. Our front desk opens at 3PM every day.

If you are staying in our Inn to attend a wedding or event here or anywhere else in the area cancellations must be made via email and you must receive a response from us for a cancellation to be accepted at all. Email us @ cancel@unionstreetguesthouse.com. If we do not accept your cancellation request there will be no refund.

If we ACCEPT your cancellation request, there will be a $35 charge (per room). Cancellation of a reservation must be made at least 61 days prior to your arrival date for any type of wedding reservation to receive a refund of any kind. If we approve your cancelation VIA EMAIL make sure and read our refund policy below. (Your confirmation email does not contain our policy in its entirety).

We reserve the right to refund at anytime although we usually do so within 61 days of said cancellation. We do not give credits for future stays and we RESPECTFULLY ask that you please do not ask us to do so. There is a $35. fee for any cancellation. (we do not refund any additional charges added to your base fee). If you file for a charge-back (request a refund directly from your amex or bank card) or file a complaint to any 3rd party organization during that time you are responsible for any fees associated with it and doing so will only hold up the refund process. (If this is for a wedding party that has booked the entire Inn these fees will be deducted from the wedding parties deposit if you do not pay them directly.)


If you wish to reserve all of our rooms for your wedding guests it will require a deposit (this will be for the hotel only and not include our Bungalow). We reserve the right to hold deposit until we feel that all charges, taxes, fees, damages, or any other financial obligation has been resolved regarding you and anyone in your party. This includes credit card disputes, chargebacks, or any question regarding anything to do with billing with you or anyone in your party, or anyone of your guests. The deposit will not be refunded until we feel that everything is 100% resolved (we reserve the right to refund at any time). If you hold the entire Inn you are responsible for every room. There are no "releasing" rooms prior. If there are any unused rooms you forfeit your entire deposit. All chargebacks and any other fees related to any charges from anyone in your party (that they have not paid) will be deducted from your deposit. If you cancel your entire wedding event or choose to not use our Inn for your guests you forfeit your entire deposit. We can decide not to refund deposit for any reason.

Please know that despite the fact that wedding couples love Hudson and our Inn, your friends and families may not. This is due to the fact that your guests may not understand what we offer - therefore we respectfully ask you to explain that to them. USGH & Hudson are historic. The buildings here are old (but restored). Our bathrooms and kitchens are designed to look old in an artistic "vintage" way. Our furniture is mostly period furniture. (although comfortable and functional - obviously all beds are brand new) If your guests are looking for a Marriott type hotel they may not like it here.

We recommend that you tour our Inn before your wedding so that you will know the quality of our lodging.

If you are interested in holding a portion of or all rooms in our Inn for a WEDDING and wish for a tour please contact us via email to schedule. We do not do any tours on Saturday as there are never rooms to view as they are all filled with guests.

We do not discuss our policy, availability or rates on site. All correspondence for a wedding must be done via email so that each of us has a clear record of our agreement. We can only take people's word for what wedding they are attending, therefore we are not responsible for guests booking under different names or choosing to attend another event. We will not question guests about their intentions after a reservation is made.

Payment may be made in cash, check, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Please note that quoted rates do not reflect sales tax and handling fees which will be added at the time of payment. E-mailed confirmation notices may be sent as a courtesy upon request. We reserve the right to move guests to another Suite of comparable or better value at any time prior to arrival. Itemized receipts are available upon request.

Certain rates for wedding parties differ from other rates.

We reserve the right to cancel a reservation at any time for any reason.

If you cancel your entire wedding event we do not refund your deposit.